Making a Difference and an Impact 

With a passion and interest in motivating the youth of her community Chasity Torry founded; “Renewing the Mind, Body, and Soul”.  Her organization was created to assist teenage girls to reach their fullest potential and to achieve their goals.  Once a teenage mother, she understood the difficulty teenage girls encounter in staying focus and submitting to peer pressure or life struggles. At an early age Chasity realized the importance of her relationship with Christ and the meaning of real true love in a being beyond that of a physical presence.  Through God’s love she knew her destiny was to mentor young girls who are experiencing some of the same challenges she once faced.  Chasity’s focus is on empowering young ladies to realize that the strength needed to be successful in life has already been embedded in them at birth, and to give them the tools they need to tap into these strengths, and make those life changes decisions for themselves.  She places them on a path to set goals, discover their destiny and purpose, while developing their own intimate relationship with Christ.   

Chasity’s vision for “Renewing the Mind, Body, and Soul” is to lower the rates of teen suicide, teen pregnancy, teen violence, and teen drug abuse, by giving them hope, faith, love, and self-worth. 

Chasity ultimate goal is to establish “Renewing the Mind, Body, and Soul: in schools across this country and around the world, and establish a bond of sisterhood and self-love across the globe.  Through “Renewing the Mind, Body, and Soul”, young woman will be armed with the knowledge and tools to know that the God within them is more powerful than their challenges! 



"Renewing the Mind Body, and Soul is more than an organization it is a movement!"

-Chasity Torry

Founder & CEO

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