Renewing the Mind, Body and Soul is a new non-profit organization founded on Christian principles and values of renewing and keeping one’s mind, body, and soul at one with Christ. The organization is a faith-based program that is active in the local school system and community. It is geared towards empowering female youth that are faced with adversities or unfortunate circumstances. Many of our female youth are dealing with low self-esteem, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, drug abuse, pregnancy, and anger management. Girls are the fastest growing population in the juvenile justice system.  This population is disproportionately girls of color from low-income communities who are struggling in school. Many of the girls in the juvenile justice system have histories of family violence, sexual abuse, physical abuse and other adverse childhood experiences that often go unrecognized. The program focuses on assisting youth dealing with mental, emotional, or behavioral issues. Renewing the Mind, Body, and Soul mentoring and education programs will help prevent girls from entering the juvenile justice system and provide a safe environment to nurture them into strong young woman with cardinal values. The program also assists in developing new enhancement techniques that will increase their retention in most complex educational areas. Unlike other after school programs, Renewing the Mind, Body, and Soul operates inside of the schools to have access to participant’s teachers, school counselors and administrators, and most importantly parents! The program provides outreach services in an effort to alleviate problems with the youth and promote a healthier lifestyle one school at time.

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